The best time to play in a casino
May 23, 2020

The best time to play in a casino

By tradenet

When do you like to play in a casino? What time of day do you prefer? Do you challenge fortune on certain days of the week? Or do you have other choice methods?

Do you think these methods affect the probability of success in gambling? Can casinos fund more often or more in certain periods? Are there winning and losing cycles?

As you can see, this topic raises a lot of questions. They were not born in our imaginations. They are asked by casinos readers.

Let’s figure out together what to consider when choosing the time to play for money in a casino.

When is the best time to play in an offline casino?

This article is mostly about online gambling, but it would be wrong to completely ignore real casinos. Choosing the best time to play with real dealers in offline establishments depends on numerous objective and subjective factors.

Let’s focus on a few important points that will really help you beat the casino.

State of the dealer

Experienced players who frequently visit a particular casino know how professional these or other dealers are. They also notice what time of day shifts change. Some clients try to take these factors into account.

For example, they start playing at the end of the working day, when the croupiers get tired, lose concentration, and start making mistakes. If the dealer makes a mistake in favor of the client, the latter can only not show it. If the croupier cheated him, the player can raise a fuss and even demand compensation.

Inexperienced dealers are a separate story. They are a tasty morsel for experienced players.

Of course, pit bosses try not to leave them at the tables unattended, but with a large influx of visitors, novice casino employees often have to serve the tables without the help of older friends.

A separate article on casinos explains how professionals use the croupier’s mistakes.

The health of the player

The better you feel, the less likely you are to make mistakes during the game. Accordingly, the best time to play in a casino is when you are in optimal condition.

  • Don’t play sleepy.
  • Don’t play tired.
  • Don’t play drunk.
  • Don’t play very annoyed.
  • Don’t play sick.

Go to the casino when you are healthy, fresh, cheerful and cheerful.


All self-respecting gambling clubs from time to time arrange prize draws, tournaments and just entertainment programs. They often offer customers gifts and other privileges. Why not take advantage of them.

In addition, in the huge mass of visitors, it is easier for professionals to get lost in the crowd, than card counters, bonus hunters and adventive players skillfully use.

However, be careful. Sometimes offline casinos, on the contrary, tighten the rules during such events. For example, they raise the minimum bid limits or make a paid entry.


All sorts of incentive promotions are also very attractive. Here are some real suggestions from the author’s practice:

  1. Joker in poker; once an hour, the casino for three hands launched the Joker into the deck for oasis poker. At first, customers were not required to play for the entire previous hour in order to participate in the bonus rounds. Of course, it was the perfect time to play poker against a casino.
  2. Increased payouts; at the specified time, the operator overestimated the payout coefficients for large poker combinations. This gave the customers a mathematical advantage over the establishment.
  3. Happy hours-once a day, customers participated in a kind of tournament. Players who received the highest number of major poker combinations within an hour received a fixed bonus with real chips.

In General, any changes to the rules in favor of the client means that it is a more attractive time to play at the casino.

The jackpot on the slots

In this paragraph, we will talk about the so-called Mystery Jackpot in slot machines. These are cumulative jackpots, which must be played before the expiration of a pre-agreed period. Professional slot players are looking for machines that are approaching the final time, and continue to play until the draw.

If such a jackpot is offered in a small internal network of video slots, their customers acting together can occupy all the machines. In this case, the team leaves no chance for other users.