sticky bonuses
July 16, 2020

Sticky bonuses: How to recognize and how to win?

By tradenet

Online casinos offer a lot of bonuses, but not all of them are so easy to win back. As a rule, the bigger the bonus, the harder it is to win it back. This does not apply to sticky bonuses, which seem much easier to win back, but in fact it is not so simple.

To understand the essence of a sticky bonus, it is better to compare it with a regular offer for a casino promotion. When you enter a Deposit and expect to receive, for example, an additional 100% bonus, you fulfill the wagering conditions gradually. Haste to a good result leads rarely, because the risk of losing everything at once is high.

The regular bonus is withdrawn along with the Deposit (if you haven’t lost it) when the wagering conditions are met. The scheme is simple, though not always easily doable, if at all. Many players do not reach the point when they win back the bonus and often lose the Deposit.

The sticky bonus has the following feature: there are also certain conditions, but when withdrawing funds, the client, who is actually a bonus hunter, faces a certain problem. Only the money that he wins over the bonus is credited to the account, and the bonus itself is burned after funds are credited to the account.

Sticky bonuses can be quite profitable, but to earn the right to withdraw a substantial amount, you need to try very hard. Self-control is useful here without it, nowhere. In addition, having a small Deposit, it is very difficult to cope with a sticky bonus.

Careful tactics in the case of a sticky bonus are inappropriate because you need to win back quite a lot. You need to earn an amount that exceeds the bonus amount itself. To do this, you will need to make enough risky bets. It is obvious that people with bad nerves and poor self-control are in this case on the sidelines of a successful game.

How about the minimum threshold for wagering a small bonus?

The minimum threshold for wagering a small bonus is several hundred dollars. Note that the player should not value this amount too much, because they can lose it quite quickly. A valuable tip that can be given when wagering a sticky bonus is the large size of the first bet, which is about half of the Deposit.

If the first bet successful?

If the first bet was successful, it means that you are not only lucky, but you will almost certainly withdraw quite solidly in excess of the main bonus. In the future, you can make less risky bets, although not too small. This tactic, with proper restraint, will help you gain a fairly substantial amount. Not without fortune, of course.

What is the main advantage of a sticky bonus?

The main disadvantage of a sticky bonus is the high probability of losing all the money within a couple of minutes, or even faster. Since many hours of sitting will most likely not give the effect, then after losing the first half of the amount, the loss of the second half may also follow.