Live dealer games in online casinos
May 31, 2020

Live dealer games in online casinos

By tradenet

Live casino; this definition refers to table games in online casinos where the game process is seen in real-time.

Thanks to the development of the gambling industry and of course modern technologies, it has become possible to play roulette or Black Jack in real-time in an online casino. But the development of this niche has gone much further and in addition to the usual varieties of table games, users are offered various unique games.

How do live games work?

In a specialized Studio, there are real game tables for table games, where real dealers are located. Along the perimeter of the table, there are several video cameras that broadcast the gameplay. When a user loads a game, they see how the game looks in real-time and can place bets using a special interface. Players can change their own view (viewing angle).

Is playing live casino fair?

All games offered within the live casino are licensed by the relevant organizations. All equipment used in games must be certified. In addition, it is worth noting that players see the gameplay in real-time, so there is no doubt about the integrity of the game.

As you can see, if licensed slots are located in an institution, the return in terms of the numerical value is not great (only 3%), and the casino owners cannot change this indicator in any way. The situation is completely different in the “scripts”, there are not original (not licensed slots) installed and the owners can change the profitability of the slot machine at their discretion, and instead of for example 3% percent, put 20%, a great business. Only here, for their greed, players pay with their own funds, and it is almost impossible to win a significant amount in such a casino.

Playing in a licensed casino, you can be sure that no one, under any conditions, will be able to influence the gaming process. Since the entire game is played on the servers of the manufacturer of slot machines, and no one has access to them.

When using a strategy in classic blackjack, the casino’s advantage is less than 1%. Also, in most live games there are quite detailed statistics, which greatly helps when choosing a strategy for the game. For example, in roulette, the probability of a particular number or color falling out is shown, and so on.

What games are available in the live casino format?

Currently, the range of games is very wide. These are different variations of roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and dice. There are also completely unique games, for example, the company Evolution has adapted the famous game Monopoly for online casinos in a live format. It is worth trying out the game Dream Catcher, this is a real live TV show.

Better returns at a live casino?

You can’t talk about giving it better or worse. But due to the fact that the player uses their experience and knowledge when playing some table games, the chance of winning is significantly higher than in slots.

Who produces live casino games?

There are a lot of manufacturers, but Evolution Gaming takes the lead. They are the most popular among players. Also, Netent, Pragmatic Play, and a number of others were noted for their live games.