Fascinating and unique roulette
June 12, 2020

Fascinating and unique roulette

By tradenet

The roulette wheel has been attracting new players for several centuries. For a while, this game was considered one of the symbols of glamour. If a movie shows a casino, then the roulette wheel is often in the frame.

Historical facts about roulette

Presumably, roulette appeared in the seventeenth century, but perhaps earlier. It is not surprising that this game for many symbolizes the casino. Some suggest that this game was imported to Europe from China. According to another version, roulette was invented by the mathematician Blaise Pascal. There is a legend that the goal of the mathematician was perpetual motion, and it turned out to be a great game. For many casinos, it has become a perpetual motion machine that brings considerable profit.

In France, a simplified version of roulette boule-is still common. The traditional look of the game was given by the brothers Louis and Francois Blanqui, introducing the zero sector. Especially popular was roulette in Monaco. The attractive game was patronized by Prince Charles the Third himself. Even then, it was noted that winning depends only on luck. The lucky ones quickly broke the jackpot on roulette, and the losers lost fortunes. Over time, roulette reached America, where they came up with the idea of adding a double zero to the wheel.

In Roulette, your only opponent is the casino. This feature allows representatives of different cultures and segments of the population to gather at the table without fear of conflicts. In some land-based casinos, players will even be treated to elite alcohol at the expense of the institution. This will be a nice addition to the game and will not affect the result, because roulette does not require a sober calculation.

Each particular casino sets its own minimum and maximum bet amount. When the participants decide on their bets, the croupier will launch a roulette wheel and throw a ball that will move against the direction of the wheel. You should wait for the ball to stop, which will indicate the winning number. The dealer will mark it with a special chip and collect the lost bets. New bets are placed only after the wheel is completely cleared of chips.

And roulette has nine types of bets, six of which are called internal, and three are called external. Please note that the minimum and maximum bet may differ at different tables. You must specify this if you have changed the game location. Beginners are recommended to first watch the players for a while.

Keep in mind that if the dealer has already announced the end of bids, your bid will not be accepted. Be careful when placing your chips in sectors, so that there are no unnecessary disputes later. Please note that in this situation, the dealer has the right to make any decisions.

Some legends and strategies

Roulette is often called a “damn game” since the sum of all the sectors is equal to the number 666. Particularly impressionable players become dependent on the attraction wheel. Many of them say that they have found a special system that allows you to get rich.

Remember that the casino is not a charitable Foundation and will not easily distribute money. The casino retains its advantage even over those players who are lucky. Over a long distance, the casino always has the advantage. If the player does not try to learn the nuances of the rules at all, then such carelessness will also easily increase the casino’s revenue.

You can easily find a wide variety of roulette strategies on the Internet. The creators of some of them require significant sums for their “inventions”. Do not give in to this temptation, because no one strategy will not guarantee victory in roulette. Spend money on the game, not on scammers.

What is optimal to win?

It is optimal to win using this system if the probability of winning is 50% or higher, but this is not possible in roulette. Especially since there is a zero sector, and the size of bets is limited by the established limit, which is usually achieved for 4-5 consecutive losses.

Is there a special algorithm?

Most players believe that the first numbers in roulette fall out according to a special algorithm. This error sometimes leads to fatal consequences. Remember: if, for example, you get red several times in a row, there is no guarantee that then black will start to fall out with the same frequency.

How do you win at roulette?

Only by luck. Previously, professional scammers deceived casinos in various ways. Some visitors managed to win by noticing an unbalanced wheel. Modern technologies practically exclude such possibilities.