Casino Chips: Color Matters
June 29, 2020

Casino Chips: Color Matters

By tradenet

If you have never played in a casino or did not understand the intricacies of the game, you probably always wondered what color of chips on the player’s table indicates a particular denomination. Most likely, the first time most of us are interested in this is after viewing a picture about gambling.

Basically, the tables in the casino have certain limits that you can play with — minimum and maximum. In the movies, situations were often played out when a player wanted to make a bet that did not correspond to the limit. However, in reality, such situations are not uncommon. Casino customers throw chips on the table that do not allow them to participate in the draw. It is up to the dealer to point out this error.

As a rule, the limits of the game table can be determined by its color. It corresponds to the color of the chip that serves as the minimum threshold. However, it happens that the maximum bid amount is marked with a certain color. This is rare, so you should consult your dealer about limits before placing bets.

The color of chips in different casinos is universal. You will rarely find a casino in which the denomination and color are radically different from the generally accepted norms. This is convenient for both the institution and the players. This includes beginners who can get acquainted with the correspondence of chips and their denominations in advance, for example, in this article.

The minimum value is usually white chips, and they correspond to one dollar. Beginners are recommended to start only with this minimum bet amount. However, do not forget that often there may not be white chips. In this case, the minimum bid is indicated in blue or light blue.

Red is one of the most popular colors on the game table — $5. This is followed by green ($25), then black ($100), purple or dark pink ($500), and orange or dark yellow ($1,000).

What about nicknames?

Pay attention to the fact that some chips have their own nicknames. So, red is usually called “nickels”, and green – “quarters”. However, everything is clear here — the names correspond to the nominal value. It is much more interesting to learn that the purple 500-dollar chips are called “Barney”, and the 1000-dollar orange ones are called “pumpkins”.

How about scheme of casino chips?

It would be naive to believe that no one tried to change the color scheme of casino chips, however, these attempts were thwarted by the dissatisfaction of customers and neighboring establishments. The innovators themselves soon realized the difficulty of changing colors when they hired new employees and faced fraud.

What about list of colors?

The list of colors is not limited, because there are casinos that have chips of other colors available, corresponding to denominations of 10, 15, 20 dollars or others. In order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, it is better to familiarize yourself with the table of matching colors and chips, which is not difficult to find at every table in a decent institution.